Hi# 26: Challenge 2 -Time – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 2

Time – Journey

I swear against all evidences,

That Time exists.

At the end of the day,

Before the darkness envelopes  the daylight.

At the declining hour.


Have you not already experienced

That every life form is insecure.

Do you not know the existence of insecurities already

Everywhere and within yourself?

Of course, you do!

However, there is an exception.

Those who recognize

Their challenges of their Journeys.

Who start every time with

Truest Intentions.

Those, who appreciate

Their own Motivations.

And then, have laser sharp Focus

By understanding their Uniqueness

To Actions.

To ascertain

Their Beliefs.

They Know that the outcome is

Not the Final Destination.

But Each Timely Step they take

They remain

Gentle and patient

With all the Challenges.

They remind themselves daily

So the uniqueness remains apparent.

And the wholesomeness within themselves stays put

Hence, they persevere in their daily practices.

Diligent and Unstoppable!

So do you not agree then

Time tells you everything,

Doesn’t it?

So, do you think

You have less hours than 24?

Less than those Unique people ,

Whom you have  compared yourself with

And thought,

They have more hours than 24?

Thinking that more time  brought them more

Success in something

Than you?

There again,

Forgetting your own Uniqueness

That you are incomparable.

That’s surely is your Challenge!

Reminding you of

Time being equal

for everything

And everyone!

Hi# 25- Challenge 1 – The Insecure – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 1

The Insecure – Journey

So since you are your Master of Universe

The Unique Host of the worlds you invite in your very universe

Don’t you know mockers?

Do you realize who Pretenders are?

If you do, then

Do you for sure recognize the Jealous?

The envious?

Hence, can you then deny The Insecure?

The ones who themselves burn in it

Those who will do anything for personal financial gains

Those who are never ever happy

Yes they exist

They are your Warning 1 – The Insecure

The very first challenge

Aren’t they like the wild fire that burns

Everything in its way

That is their true nature

This is their true character

Collecting nothing but the fuel

To burn in it eternally

Yes you know them

You can spot them if you started your Journey of Belief


That YOU

Cannot change them

What then make you bring them in your universe?

But your lack of practice

In Mastering your own Belief

Stay away wont you from the Insecure?

If you have already invited them and

They are part of your universe

What else do you need to wait for

But to cast them out instantly?

Wouldn’t their fire burn you?

Dont say Warning 1 is not given

Your Journey has started

Where will The Insecure take you?

But only in burning fire

Master the Belief

Practice avoiding The Insecure

in your Universe

Cast the ones you know exist

Keep Travelling

This is your First Warning

Very first

Make The Choices

Hi# 24: Challenges – Milestone 2 – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenges –  Milestone 2 – Journey

So can you say you know what Belief is?

Is there any doubt?

Then this Milestone is nothing

If you still are struggling with belief

Re read Hi#1-Hi#22

Can you then understand

That when you walk your first milestone of Belief

Will you not face challenges

Here are those challenges

Can you then understand

The importance of holding on to

Belief Your First Mile Stone of your Journey

So can you now

Start everything with very specific Truest Intentions

Should that be the start of your Belief

So the next insight brings you those warnings

Challenges and Alerts

Get Ready!

HI#22 – The End of Belief – Journey

What are your Truest Intentions?


The End of Belief – Journey

Can you strengthen your belief?

Can you Trust, Focus and See yourself as Unique?

Not yet?

Yes, Not Yet

Incorporating Belief

In your daily life

Dont you know that

Aren’t you born with it?

Doesn’t your mind always tell you to

Believe in something


Hold onto something solid,

Does it not sends you signal?

To adopt

Your practices

No matter what people think

Create your memory around

Your Focus, Truest Intentions, Motivations

Master them

This is who you Must be

As though you breathe

Such must be your Actions

Universal Truth

But if you are not on this Journey of


Of Belief

You had not understood the

Last 21 Journals

The Journey is yours

Pay heed

Else end this belief

And follow a new one

From now on there are

Warnings of the path

Of your Journey

I am acquiring Mastery of Mine

You shall yours with belief

For that You must acknowledge your Uniqueness

Have you?

Then lets see what these warnings

Bring Forth!

HI# 21: Value of Kindness – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions, Do you?


Value of Kindness – Journey


Without any whos and hows

Or expectations of rewarded outcomes

Can you

When a person is in need

 Simply offer?

Or if you know of people in need

Would you

Provide means for them and

Encourage feeding poor, take good care of orphans?

Why is it important to

Make them understand that

When you give and provide for them,

It has no conditions or obligations except their well being

Only to lessen their burdens?

And to the same for others once they are able to

Now then what do you must know about it?


Do you


That kindess is never small?

How Kindness is most valuable?


people who summon

Their beliefs towards

Are always happy?

Can you be

One of those “Kind People”

“The Carers,” “The Givers?”

Don’t you Agree

Your Universe has plenty?

Then can you

Remember this and Share

This is part of your Journey?

This is when “I” is “You” and “Our”

The “Sharer”

The one who holds value of kindness

In your created Universe

HI# 20: People Who Question You – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions, Do you?


People Who Question You – Journey

So you thought your Journey was going to be easy?

It could be if you keep yourself closer

If you follow what you have learnt so far

About Trust, Motivation, and Belief

Reach the heights of The Universal Truths

Practice, Practice and persistently practice some more

You would think the closest persons in life will support you

Your friends and uncles and aunts and of course brothers and sisters

And then you began you Journey

Dithering is what you saw

Dont be shocked or be in Aw

You knew its going to happen

Oh you didn’t expect that?

That what you expected will come true?

They dont need to be there with you

They dont have to agree

They dont have to support your Journey

Or even promote you

They have their own paths

and ways

and methods

and philosophies

They question you with keen mouths and eyes

Some even plan to hurt you and they do

Physically too

But it is your Journey

Carry on

Your Belief

Remember those who question you

They were also treated the same way

They were put on a pedestal

As well

Now its your turn

So shake all ou want

Just keep moving

Keep at your Choices and Your Actions

Believe in your Uniqueness

Journey has only become adventuresome now

Quit if you want

Each path has the same questioning people

Even Quitting is  a Journey

So be ready for

These Questioning People

They are your best story tellers

Making your Journey flyby


Else you will die of boredom

Won’t you?

HI# 19: Belief – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Belief – Journey

Have I discovered something new?

Have I not seen this before

When I speak

It sounds as though I am preaching

But here

And Hear

These are my reminders

For The Journey

I am embarked upon

I respect your opinion

As it is an opinion after all

Not a fact

My Intentions are not your intentions

My Focus is different than yours

My Motivation always remains mine and

Cannot ever be your motivation

I do not and cannot Focus on

What you can or do focus upon

Nor  am I motivated with what you are motivated with

Neither will I ever be focussed at or motivated by

What you are focussed at and motivated by

For you is your focus and motivation and


For me is my Focus and Motivation

That is my Belief

Respecting Yours and

Without challenging yours

I have made The Choices

To Follow my Belief

My  Actions guide me and

Requires me to

Always respect yours