HI#2 – How Do I Trust?


Understanding Your  Obligations
Clearly Knowing Your  Expectations
Expressing Your Outcome Clearly  to Others
Following up



Mastering the Ability to examine integrity of something or someone to sustain and to produce the outcome you desire precisely in your favour.

Understanding Obligation and Responsibilities:

To trust someone is an obligation on your shoulders.
Responsibility on others shoulders.
For that you must define the following:
How you want the outcome to be?
What do you need them to do and how very specifically?
Once you get the results you needed, what else should be done about it?


To trust someone following expectations must be clearly stated:
What do you expect them to do realistically and unrealistically?
What realistic and unrealistic expectations do you have to set for them?
How does this expectation need to be executed and accomplished?

Tests & Follow ups:

You must test others or other things repeatedly to make sure that the results are in your favour.
Once expectations are set, it is your obligation to make sure the person or the thing is still following the
guidelines you have set out for them to get your desired results. Follow up with them without breathing over their necks.
Give autonomy.  But watch promptly.

What TRUST is NOT?

Trust is not up in the air and is not thrown to others
Trust is not expecting blindingly that other person will do things by reading your mind
Trust is not faith things will happen with your outcome regardless
Trust is not others said and you believe in what they say
Trust is not giving in because the other person will not like you
Trust is Not putting up with someone you Love

What TRUST is?

Trust is a session that is only limited to the task currently at hand
You can trust one person in one thing and not everything
Trust is taught, earned and gained and expires after one task is done
From second task Trust needs to be rebuild.
Trust is verified before and after every task is done
Trust is always volatile when you are volatile

So, Do You Trust Yourself To Trust Others?


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