HI#4: Wouldn’t Belief Require Mastery of Humility First?


Good heavens …

Discussing some aspects of Belief with a colleague of mine.

How people really believe what they are?  I am simply saying regarding Injustices and Tragedies. Same goes for any vice … Without denying that these exist. The mere belief that there is hate, injustices, tragedies, is casting God/Belief out of our lives and accepting bitterness…and inviting The Devil.

I cant question anyone’s BELIEF…

Therefore, anybody who claims to be other than a BELIEVER (Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Zoroaster, Atheist  whatever they may claim to be) are just that.

I can respect their beliefs

without questioning mine or challenging theirs with the belief that that’s how God has intended them to be.

I hope this Mastery of being humane liberates us completely

Ali Rizvi
With all the best intentions for all of us!


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