HI#5: How Can Religions Unite Us? They Themselves Have So Many Sects. Even Bill Maher Keeps Talking About Religions?


Religion is something 7.07 billion world population cannot escape.


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We never could. And thinking that we all can some how escape this mass organized brain washing sooner or later is in itself as bad as not following it. So…

What do we do?


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What everyone else does. We monkey around with the idea. Question ourselves, do soul searching. Toss around between good and evil, right and wrong, guilt and innocence. We then compromise and twist and mould and mix and mash, with culture, traditions, society demands and our own conveniences. The whole doctrine of BRAND loyalty started from here.

So which religion is the best?


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How many Gods are there? One, two three, or many? The confusion keeps haunting the mind like an incurable disease. But your luck, fate, destiny or blessing you will be born in One of the major religions or minor religions, undocumented ones as well. Who will dictate you that others are wrong.

Path to Branding and fitting in.

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Then the factory, the machine will start to Brian wash you. “We are right, they are all wrong.” By the time we start understanding anything about the world our mind is already  filled with  Discriminating others. Prejudice of self-existence vs others, a comparable inflated ego with realisations of finite self and how to control others. While in other places in the world same thing is happening to every new born baby. That self-centeredness, egomaniacal upbringing of new born babies … around the world. Most parents stay in the denial that their baby will be more tolerant than others. I am not against any Religion. The Reformation of Natural Existence disgusts me. No not Nudist Natural Existence. Thats a whole different issue. Why someone has to be wrong for me to be right? Why can’t we all be right? Why do we have to follow or lead or be led? Why can’t we have “No name” followings without BRANDING the no name. Now I am myself thinking so should I even call myself a Human? That makes us discriminate the rest of any animal kingdom that exists. Doesn’t it? I am so confused.

Surrender and Follow at Least One Of Us. My Friend I can’t See You LOST. 


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Which Major Religion, Which Major Sect and which demographically right fit?

Hinduism has 10 Sects (Many Sources)
Judaism has 5 sects
Buddhism has 20 sects

There are reported to be approximately 41,000 Christian denominations,[2]  (WikiPedia)

Islam has 73 Sects
Devil Worshipper have 5 Sects


How can these religions unite all humans when they are divided amongst themselves?

Where does it all take us?

Where ever we want. We are part of some organized or non-organized, conformed or non conformed religious ideology.  We can’t leave it. Even atheist like Bill Maher keeps constantly thinking about religions. His mere denial is the fact that he believes in Religions more than the religious person himself or herself. Why else will someone come on TV so many times and keep denouncing something so much? What he does not do is follow it.

So isn’t it easier if you say no to Religion?

In order to be respected in the world, we have to openly admit, and show that we follow something. Following is the key. Conformism is the key. Imagine calling yourself a Non-Conformist. Did you not just BRANDED yourself?


As humans we are fed by our egos and we constantly believe that everything revolves around us. God, Universe. Can we escape from this?


Can you stop waiting for Your Messiah?


11 thoughts on “HI#5: How Can Religions Unite Us? They Themselves Have So Many Sects. Even Bill Maher Keeps Talking About Religions?

  1. Salam = Hi

    Must say really nice you use picture ability. Fun to read.
    No, i can’t stop waiting to Messiahs because hope is in us. 😉
    Yes, we can control our egos, with latest, newest religion, must updated, called Islam. Islam means Peace.


  2. Thank you for another fantastic post. Where else could anyone get that type of information in such a perfect way of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such information.


  3. I think the fear of death is so primary in cultures that people feel they need “religion” and its “teachings” in order to cope with it. In fact, I believe that the fear of death and that final dissolution is behind almost everything we do, from war to overconsumption of material goods. Our feverish need to get get get, and buy buy buy is, it seems to me, really the expression of our fear of losing it all, i.e. dying. But no one can avoid it, and of course we “cannot take it with us,” all the material loot of existence. It is simply that we avoid talking about what we are fearful of and flock instead to religions that give us answers that make us feel better. And we feel better even when the answers are lies. Or we go out and buy things, or make wars over territory (which is a thing that cannot truly belong to anyone) to drown out the deafening thoughts of terror and panic when religion cannot salve them completely. As for which brand of religion is best or worst for this? They all do it, so in my opinion, they are all equally effective in dulling individual independent thinking. And it merely depends on when and where one is born, which brand of religion takes hold. To me, they are all more or less the same in the end: brain washing, ideological, and a crutch for intellects that refuse to operate on their own.


    1. You said it Pam! Also, are you defining Fear of Death literally or as in Oppression that kills a Human Spirit? I understand as what you are writing here that the Death of one’s Spirits due to Religion and the mockery the priesthood has made through out the history of Religions. I found Religious Books and scriptures (Commonly known as The Divine ones) to be very fascinating. Should we truly read them and follow we can achieve “Nirvana.” Our Economical culture since 1947 has departmentalized even KINDNESS and loaded it with so much PAPER WORK and Fear of lawsuits (of course in our part of the worlds) Eastern cultures is still very GIVING and KIND in such matters and yet Brutal as Egos run High in those cultures. Sure enough we can’t take with us anything.

      However thanks agian, you give me ore insights to think and write about. I hope more people like you can guide me. To my humility.


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