Hi#6: Animals – Human Beings – Supreme Beings….Like … Reeeeeeeeaaaaaally?


First of All thanks for one week of good reading. Keeping me occupied in writing and anticipations of from will anyone ever read me. I don’t know if it is good or bad, I just feel good that there are people in this world who have read me. So thanks again. All of you…



So again it’s a matter of EGO isn’t it?


Are we Supreme Beings or are we New Beings Lets walk through this, shall we
Why can’t we just accept that we were born Humans? A very new species of Animal Kingdom.
Is it so hard to accept who we are? Honestly! Lets consider this…

Can we, as a humans, eat…



or Unwashed Vegetables?


or Rotten Mouldy Food?


Hmmm lets seee… most of us can’t, so for those who might say yes we could…think of the majority of us?

Point is Most ANIMALS CAN.

Animals Kill for fun, Oh I mean Humans 

Hey Simba lets go out and kill for fun. Yeah Mufasa lets go Simba!


So yes a few of the animals do. However us humans are more prone to fun killing.

What about weather resistance?

Can we survive in any weather without our clothes?



What About Langauges.

I want food …whoof whoof
I want to pee… whoof whoof
Strangers alert…whoof whoof

Okay here are some pictures than thousand words I will write

Same Expression!


No Offense ...
No Offense … Same expression

Or how about this


So all these chameleons talk about circuits bring us toHumans Destroying Earth through Industrial Revolution. How many animals have built cars, smokes, natural resources pumping and extracting machines.

Industrial Revolution


Animals declaring Wars against Humans

…won’t it be fun the way we humans keep doing that to each other…


Yeah? Planet of the Apes Style…

Questions is will we lose or win?

Human Justice System

The only Animal kingdom that kills in the name of justice system and
punishes its own kind are human beings.

pic redit http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-l4jFVA_alw4/UJt10iYTQOI/AAAAAAAACsM/jB44ficghak/s1600/death_penalty.jpg

Humans Caging humans, other animals and in the zoo

caged human

other animals

caged-monkeysLast but not the least

Economic Animals

economic animals

We compare with animals when we ourselves act in a certain way.
How many animals live in poverty or Social Welfare?

So What makes us Supreme Being?

As grim as I can portray ourselves. The very Ego makes us Supreme Being.
There is nothing wrong thinking what we are.
But these very reason make us very unique and motivates us to biggest changes.
Change in our minds and then following through on these changes.
From Destructions to Peace and progress.
From slavery to freedom
From Devilish actions to preservations


Is it a Journey to be Supreme Being?

Think about it.

How do we complete this journey to become Supreme Being?

We are closer than we think.

Each of us. Be accountable


10 thoughts on “Hi#6: Animals – Human Beings – Supreme Beings….Like … Reeeeeeeeaaaaaally?

  1. Excellent post ,and impressive about , Your point of view is actually reflects where the world is heading, Are we going forward or backward? Thank you for liking my post ( Stop complaining…) Have a wonderful day Ali. Sincerely jalal


  2. Excellent pictures depicting the massive heart wrenching toll nature and animals take at the hands of some humans. The disasterous effects is overwhelming. Their cries we all need to hear and feel. I so appreciate your post and am grateful for hearts like yours.


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