Hi#10: Motivation

I begin everything with my Truest Intentions

Thank you for liking my blogs everybody.
The Journey has begun before I could keep my own promise of weekly two blogs.
It’s too much flow in my head to contain. So I keep writing here daily.


What is motivation?
How would I ever know what motivation is?
It has always been within me
But never awakened until I deem things important
Do I realize what breathing is for life,
that I cannot stop breathing?


What Compels me to
drink or
even relax or do things again
do something, anything and making sure I finish it
What do I have in my heart and mind?
That calculates such importance of doing and finishing.

A Trigger

I know instantly
What is that trigger when I feel compulsion
I know right then it has always been there within me
What then will I call Motivation if not this?
What then makes me get up and go whenever I do?

So I keep repeating and reciting

“The Mastery of Motivation lies within me.
When I value myself
When I stop taking things for granted and value them
When everything becomes ONE important aspect
In my existence”

Then do I not know what motivation is?
Then I must acknowledge, and say

“Yes, Indeed, I do!”


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