Hi#11: Past – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


How am I wrapped around my past?
How uninvitingly these haunting moments are awakened
There is no telling what triggers these hauntings
They are no lesser than monsters

There is but one way to keep them buried
Start with my Truest Intentions
Each day
Each Task

Then this reciting of my intentions
Will they not keep me in my present then?
Present and NOW!
Is then my haunting past
Buried because of my
Present achievements

My Truest Intentions kept me
Striding towards success
Washing away completely
As not even foggiest memories

Yes the real pride glows my face
I have forgiven myself of all my past existences
Where I had no control over
As a child
As forgiving others is just not possible
I casted each memory out
Each unwanted person
Letting them go
Erased from my world


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