Hi# 12: Fear – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Why do I fear?
What do I fear?
Whom do I fear?

I looked around everyone and everything
Among them I stood
Those who are wrapped around their insecurities
Who lie, who deceive, who cheat
Who are in denial, who have proprietary attitudes

Not the selfish
Neither just the self-centered
Nor just the loud ones or the silent ones
I am around everyone
I am everyone!
Everyone is I.

Do you agree?
I fear the fear as respect
Respect those whom I fear
Make those people petty and violate
Those whom I don’t fear

Don’t you agree?
I fear the punishments and the punisher
Not how those who believe in God has portrayed
But right here on this very Earth

So do I understand?
There is no constant realization
But fear
The weed that keeps growing
In my mind and my heart

Fear of being left behind in the rat races of economics
Fear of neglect and getting ignored
Fear of loneliness or of being bullied
Or simply that others can look through me
Fear of abandonment
Fear of being back stabbed
Fear of not being respected or over respected
That I become unreachable

That I might become above human
Fear of success and achievements
Fear of not being loved
Fear of over indulgence
Fear of not being heard
Fear of death
Or just
Fear of the knowns and the unknowns

But it is I, whom I fear the most
Not the world
The self-preservation always takes over

“Stop!” the mind shouted realizing,
Tired and exhausted of all these fears
“Just stop!”

Silence surrounded me
Then a light not so far away or closer
Just there, yes out there
Reachable only if I would reach out

I forward my hand and almost
but then I knew I had to get up
I did.
Arm touching the light engulfing my whole hand
The Threshold number one was reached.

Now what?

Now the steps to my journey are easier to take without Fear of know or unknown
Or was it just Acceptance and the realization?
That I do not fear anymore?

Excitement fills my existence
I must begin my journey to the end
Fear has been eliminated

Remember my Truest Intentions

They have no place for fear, past or insecurities.
Just Motivation
My Fears are kicked out by my Truest Intentions


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