Act of God

Monday, 16 May 2011 at 00:25


Act of God – Journey

They say death by ones own hands
Is ones act of cowardice
Though the man who walks on quick sands
Can’t think of it as malice

Wind that makes a leaf fall
Or the man who is made Pharaoh
It could surely be His own call
A means to take back what we borrow

If all deeds are God’s Act
Then suicide can’t be His neglect!


6 thoughts on “Act of God

      1. Hope for Salam

        Well, ex. ‘pharaoh’ stole it[Lordship] from Allah, He didn’t borrow it, was not deserving it, just some reflections like the above. His intention was important, he wanted to take Allah place and not be in a journey to recognize himself, so he may recognize his Lord humbly, and not proudly.



      2. Interesting point again … See if I make sense here…If we still talk about Pharaohs then he is still alive…Eternal in Bible in Torah in Quran and in history. and in science now…As far as Stealing is concern..I can’t judge pharaoh … Then, Who is to say who is humble or proud or took God’s place. “What caterpillar calls the end of life…The Master calls it a Butterfly..” Richard Bach..Illusions…I refrain myself for judging anyone, my insignificant soul does not allow me to pride myself in judging anyone even myself…


  1. Hope for Salam

    Agree, there is still ‘tyrants’ in the world. About judging not others, true agree, interesting to discuss it, but it is somehow a little illusionary or like deceiving oneself if one don’t judge one. Because it is really important to judge one actions, so one get better and fix it all before the real judgement. We humans are created to have it naturally, it is in our nature [arabic word; Fitrah] to judge, but it is a really good tool to us, to use it against us, instead of others. To see one’s fault and strive to fix it. It is like a court inside us, if we do 10 good deeds, we get happy, but when 1 bad thing happens we get sad, because of having a good, healthy heart, we condemn us and humbly change course over and over again. My opinion is that Richard Bach was perhaps a really good angle with that citition, because what he says is good, but perhaps it is the nature of angels and not humans. The way he says, if it is for humans than it is unbalanced, so it do not lead one to find it’s nature [Fitrah]. My journey, every bodies i think is to finding the human nature in oneself, it is just the way or info they have that leads them and striving continues. Thanks for reading, am having my muscles to get strong by writing in your blog, so to get mentally strong.

    About Pharaoh, i think my intention in writing was the Holy Quran example, i don’t know but guess Allah has already judged him in The Book.



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