HI# 14: The Critical Element – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


The Critical Element – Journey

Do I have the tools now?
Did I see my toolkit bag?
Have I not gathered myself yet?
With my Truest Intentions,

Don’t I start everything with them?
Did that not gave me My Motivation?
Did I not with my tiny steps ,
Like an infant crawling
Then trying and getting up
And falling
Then getting up again,
Do the same thing?
Toward my Journey,
Abandoned my Fears ?

Past tried and succeeded at times

But I kept at it, remembering as my childhood falls
To standing up
Do I remember now?
I dont think so?
Just standing tall and erect.
That was shear Focus
Was it not?

If the tools in my bag checks out
Then why I feel that something is missing?
Something critical that holds the key, doesn’t it?
Am I ready?
Asks the heart, mind and soul again
Reluctant to take a further step
Check again, one more time making absolutely sure
Truest Intentions? Check
Motivation? Check
Forgiven Past? Check
Overcame Fears? Check
Laser Sharp Focus? Check

Then what is it?
The inner voice keeps telling me to wait. For what?
Without it I will be just a day dreamer
And I will be stuck in that abyss of waiting, in limbo
I accept my Journey and it’s challenges
Aargh, I almost cried out loudly,
Frustrated, of course
When it dawned on me and I laughed with
Divinity and it’s intervention
Nike, running the Ad “Just Do It!”
Action, the Critical Element is ACTION that’s what I am missing.
Cherishing all my razor sharp tools in my toolbox
It is time to follow the mindset to engage myself in the process of Doing?

The overwhelming feeling quieted down
The anxiety of missing ACTIONS gone
I am ready, I say it again, I recite my Truest Intentions

I protect myself from all that is bad within me and
all that is insecure within me
as well as from bad and insecure that is in others

I begin by acknowledging:
To be most beneficial to myself and my universe.
I begin every action with my truest intentions, specific to each task.
I remember to be easy and most comfortable on myself.
Regardless of the outcome.

Only then I can be most merciful and most beneficent to others 

There I begin my Act!
The reaching is not the Outcome,
The Journey itself is
Mastering everything at every step
Unquestionably bringing Perfect Back
The Super Being
The Human Being that was created
My Journey is of that Human Being

Among others or will I be all alone?

Ah, But I have to still ACT to find that out.
I Trust myself


7 thoughts on “HI# 14: The Critical Element – Journey

  1. Hope for Salam

    “Asks the heart, mind and soul again”

    How can brain [mind, it’s king intellect] be separeted from heart [Softness; Kindness: Softly-kind, it’s king soul]!?
    Can’t they be together, but dependent on each other in various ways. If so, than one must ask intellect first, to be asking indirectly from soul. Imagine doing directly what one’s wife says, than she do it always, “saying”, than it is not a balanced life.

    There should be a formula to know! How can one ask all 3 at the same time, which in turn is not harmonious words used. 😉

    Don’t bore yourself with me, it’s just some reflections, otherwise pretty nice.



    1. First thank you…So true what you said, will be a contradiction if we live in three opposites. But Can there be three opposites? Heart mind and soul? Is solid, liquid, and gaseous three opposites or the same with different states?

      I Salam back at you and yet i dont feel worthy of others peace yet. As my Journey will make all three one…someday just like my intro to myself says..may be then I might say Salam (May Peace completes You)


  2. Hope for Salam

    lo, ok you mean that way, yes but it is an ekvation, not a formela. Wish you happy ending on your ‘boring’ journey. If it is more than one, it do not matter if than it is 3 or 1000. One must focus on bringing 2 to 1, because it do not matter for humans 3. Or easier said being 1 at the same time being not 1.



    1. If I say you are judging then I am judging you by saying that you are judging. Therefore, I refrain again. you already acknowledge the fact I state that you have to walk on your own path, not on my “Boring” Journey. Your Journey is yours…I have no significance in your eyes unless you cross the path as we are doing right now… may be we will trade the ideas of my boredom and I will learn from you, who knows…


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