Hi# 15: The Choices – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


The Choices – Journey

Don’t judge me
If I don’t fit your perfect world
You were born in
Don’t taunt me either if
I don’t meet your expectations
How you thought I would do things
How do you know?
I wasn’t born in your paradigm
Don’t judge me because
You think I am irresponsible
Or my laughters make you think I am shallow
I was a sperm, just like you
But where I opened my eyes
You don’t know
A molesting sick freak’s house
A neglecting parents’ house
A dysfunctional family
A drunk, physically abusing
Or poor or even mentally retarded
Or a house of horrors

Or no Home at all

So don’t judge me, not now, not ever

Yes, never!

What you need to know is
I survived with all the drudgery
Yes, I found out about The Choices
Long after when you did
When I realized, You thought
It was too late
Not Me!

So don’t judge me!

So dig this if you can?
I have buried my Past
I could be the same person
But I am not, I know that
No body else needs to know that!
The following up of my Journey, thorough my
Truest Intentions
Motivation, and 
Casting away all my Fears

Yes you wouldn’t know how I Focus
Or how can I Focus?
For all those sane people
I summoned my Actions
Harder and more persistently
Do I remind myself everyday
To put all that into Actions
In My head and then on paper
So seeing becomes apparent

That is what I chose
This is The Choice
That sets me apart
I chose to walk the path in my mind first
As though I am actually living it

The debugging of Actions
But again who has time to do all that?
Well I do, I learnt the significance of Actions
I walked these Actions in my Head
To watch myself on my Journey
The path I am going to take
The warnings shall come while I see it through my mind’s eyes
Challenges being revealed of the path
That’s where my soul guides me

I pay attention
I learned to pay attention to these signs
Repeating them before I really start the walk
The testing of depths of the waters
The Trust
So now I have them
The Choices

Such is the reward of Actions
Defining, redefining
With guidance of truthfulness of my soul I have


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