HI# 16: I, The Most Unique – The Monotheistic God – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions

I, The Most Unique – The Monotheistic God – Journey

So in my Journey,

I got stuck.

Not enough were My


Truest Intentions

Motivation, and 

My Fears and 

My Past

Or how I Focus

Not even my Actions

Nor The Choices

I almost stopped

Dazed, confused

Hungry for discovery

What is it then?

That soothes my soul

That makes me live

That despite of everything

I want to hear one voice

My own sound

Recognizing myself

Yes, Recognition

My own recognition of

How I exist

So each day with my

Truest Intentions

I remind myself

I recognize myself

I say to myself

I am The One

The Most Unique

The Perfect Being

The One Who Accepts Me


Eternal Refuge

I, The Most Dependable

Upon Myself

I, The All Alone

In My Happiness

My sadness

In Any Situation

No Other Can Ever Be Me

Nor Can I Be Any Other

I am The Responsible

The Creator of My Universe

I Place My Worlds

Of Happinesses and Sadnesses

Or of Confusions

In My Universe


I am Incomparable

I Have No Competition

Only Myself

I am My Victory

And My Reward”

This is my

daily reminder

When I wake up

When in the middle of the day

In the evening

I, The Unique Monotheistic God

Of My Own Universe

So I am still at my start



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