HI# 17: The Revealer, Lord of Universe – Journey




I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions




The Revealer, Lord of Universe – Journey

So how far have I travelled

In my Journey?

The distance walked has casted a feeling

In me


The Traveller

I have a guidance

That tells me I am an asset to myself

I therefore

Value, Guard and Cherish

Everything mine

I hence, acknowledge

My Uniqueness

My Oneness

The day I realized my choices

I empowered myself

To bring forth worlds of others

In my Universe


The Lord of My Universe

Has thus accepted

My universe will be as my invitees

With whom I surround myself

As I bring their worlds in my Universe

Thus changing mine constantly

Sometime for short time

And at times permanently

I am

The Lord of My Universe

The Master of My Day of The Outcome

The Day of My Consequences

Judgements and Results

 I see it all clearly

So, then I Choose, warily

Whom I bring in my world

Ones who make me most beneficial

Most Merciful to myself and my Universe and their worlds within

My Universe

Or those who are lost?

My choices creates my universe



 Implement the knowledge of


That makes my path and it’s companionship

In my favour


Accept my responsibilities to myself

To choose

Like-minded and their worlds

And avoid completely

Those who are never in my favour.


I Shun those and their worlds


Who are vexatious to me



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