HI# 19: Belief – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Belief – Journey

Have I discovered something new?

Have I not seen this before

When I speak

It sounds as though I am preaching

But here

And Hear

These are my reminders

For The Journey

I am embarked upon

I respect your opinion

As it is an opinion after all

Not a fact

My Intentions are not your intentions

My Focus is different than yours

My Motivation always remains mine and

Cannot ever be your motivation

I do not and cannot Focus on

What you can or do focus upon

Nor  am I motivated with what you are motivated with

Neither will I ever be focussed at or motivated by

What you are focussed at and motivated by

For you is your focus and motivation and


For me is my Focus and Motivation

That is my Belief

Respecting Yours and

Without challenging yours

I have made The Choices

To Follow my Belief

My  Actions guide me and

Requires me to

Always respect yours


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