HI# 20: People Who Question You – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions, Do you?


People Who Question You – Journey

So you thought your Journey was going to be easy?

It could be if you keep yourself closer

If you follow what you have learnt so far

About Trust, Motivation, and Belief

Reach the heights of The Universal Truths

Practice, Practice and persistently practice some more

You would think the closest persons in life will support you

Your friends and uncles and aunts and of course brothers and sisters

And then you began you Journey

Dithering is what you saw

Dont be shocked or be in Aw

You knew its going to happen

Oh you didn’t expect that?

That what you expected will come true?

They dont need to be there with you

They dont have to agree

They dont have to support your Journey

Or even promote you

They have their own paths

and ways

and methods

and philosophies

They question you with keen mouths and eyes

Some even plan to hurt you and they do

Physically too

But it is your Journey

Carry on

Your Belief

Remember those who question you

They were also treated the same way

They were put on a pedestal

As well

Now its your turn

So shake all ou want

Just keep moving

Keep at your Choices and Your Actions

Believe in your Uniqueness

Journey has only become adventuresome now

Quit if you want

Each path has the same questioning people

Even Quitting is  a Journey

So be ready for

These Questioning People

They are your best story tellers

Making your Journey flyby


Else you will die of boredom

Won’t you?


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