HI# 21: Value of Kindness – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions, Do you?


Value of Kindness – Journey


Without any whos and hows

Or expectations of rewarded outcomes

Can you

When a person is in need

 Simply offer?

Or if you know of people in need

Would you

Provide means for them and

Encourage feeding poor, take good care of orphans?

Why is it important to

Make them understand that

When you give and provide for them,

It has no conditions or obligations except their well being

Only to lessen their burdens?

And to the same for others once they are able to

Now then what do you must know about it?


Do you


That kindess is never small?

How Kindness is most valuable?


people who summon

Their beliefs towards

Are always happy?

Can you be

One of those “Kind People”

“The Carers,” “The Givers?”

Don’t you Agree

Your Universe has plenty?

Then can you

Remember this and Share

This is part of your Journey?

This is when “I” is “You” and “Our”

The “Sharer”

The one who holds value of kindness

In your created Universe


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