Hi# 25- Challenge 1 – The Insecure – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 1

The Insecure – Journey

So since you are your Master of Universe

The Unique Host of the worlds you invite in your very universe

Don’t you know mockers?

Do you realize who Pretenders are?

If you do, then

Do you for sure recognize the Jealous?

The envious?

Hence, can you then deny The Insecure?

The ones who themselves burn in it

Those who will do anything for personal financial gains

Those who are never ever happy

Yes they exist

They are your Warning 1 – The Insecure

The very first challenge

Aren’t they like the wild fire that burns

Everything in its way

That is their true nature

This is their true character

Collecting nothing but the fuel

To burn in it eternally

Yes you know them

You can spot them if you started your Journey of Belief


That YOU

Cannot change them

What then make you bring them in your universe?

But your lack of practice

In Mastering your own Belief

Stay away wont you from the Insecure?

If you have already invited them and

They are part of your universe

What else do you need to wait for

But to cast them out instantly?

Wouldn’t their fire burn you?

Dont say Warning 1 is not given

Your Journey has started

Where will The Insecure take you?

But only in burning fire

Master the Belief

Practice avoiding The Insecure

in your Universe

Cast the ones you know exist

Keep Travelling

This is your First Warning

Very first

Make The Choices


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