HI#22 – The End of Belief – Journey

What are your Truest Intentions?


The End of Belief – Journey

Can you strengthen your belief?

Can you Trust, Focus and See yourself as Unique?

Not yet?

Yes, Not Yet

Incorporating Belief

In your daily life

Dont you know that

Aren’t you born with it?

Doesn’t your mind always tell you to

Believe in something


Hold onto something solid,

Does it not sends you signal?

To adopt

Your practices

No matter what people think

Create your memory around

Your Focus, Truest Intentions, Motivations

Master them

This is who you Must be

As though you breathe

Such must be your Actions

Universal Truth

But if you are not on this Journey of


Of Belief

You had not understood the

Last 21 Journals

The Journey is yours

Pay heed

Else end this belief

And follow a new one

From now on there are

Warnings of the path

Of your Journey

I am acquiring Mastery of Mine

You shall yours with belief

For that You must acknowledge your Uniqueness

Have you?

Then lets see what these warnings

Bring Forth!


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