Hi# 26: Challenge 2 -Time – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 2

Time – Journey

I swear against all evidences,

That Time exists.

At the end of the day,

Before the darkness envelopes  the daylight.

At the declining hour.


Have you not already experienced

That every life form is insecure.

Do you not know the existence of insecurities already

Everywhere and within yourself?

Of course, you do!

However, there is an exception.

Those who recognize

Their challenges of their Journeys.

Who start every time with

Truest Intentions.

Those, who appreciate

Their own Motivations.

And then, have laser sharp Focus

By understanding their Uniqueness

To Actions.

To ascertain

Their Beliefs.

They Know that the outcome is

Not the Final Destination.

But Each Timely Step they take

They remain

Gentle and patient

With all the Challenges.

They remind themselves daily

So the uniqueness remains apparent.

And the wholesomeness within themselves stays put

Hence, they persevere in their daily practices.

Diligent and Unstoppable!

So do you not agree then

Time tells you everything,

Doesn’t it?

So, do you think

You have less hours than 24?

Less than those Unique people ,

Whom you have  compared yourself with

And thought,

They have more hours than 24?

Thinking that more time  brought them more

Success in something

Than you?

There again,

Forgetting your own Uniqueness

That you are incomparable.

That’s surely is your Challenge!

Reminding you of

Time being equal

for everything

And everyone!


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