Hi# 36: The Obvious #2- The Cosmos – Milestone 3 – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions

Humble Insights



Hi# 36:

The Obvious #2

The Cosmos

Milestone 3


When you look up
What do you see?
Sky, clouds, planets, asteroids,
Borealis, constellations Moons,
And day lights and darkness.

But science guesses
Which is already explained and stated
In The Ancient Books of almost all Beliefs.
Then why must science reinvent?
Science merely invented to explain this.
Science is simply An Explanation of Beliefs.
Science is not Belief,
But merely a servant of Belief.

So in The cosmos everything
Revolves around everything
You look up and you see the Moon
So how come when you go up to the Moon
You dont look down to see Earth
Why Is that you Always must look up?
To the Cosmos?

These are your Universal Truths.
The Cosmos is another obvious
For your Journey
So you also become Incomparable.

Like snow flakes each one Unique
Or your finger prints
Then what about your DNA?
So how come you still don’t believe you
Are Unique as well?

Do you not See the Obvious?
Some revolves in bigger orbits
Than others
Some takes Ages but they do come back
Like comets 3000 Earth years later.
Yes everything comes around.
Such shall always be Obvious in your Journey.
Incomparably indeed!

Do you think this is Obvious?
Whether you name it or not?
Or time it or not?
It is the Universal Truth?
Isn’t it?

Such are your obvious Actions
There aren’t any sounds that you hear
Unless they are falling from their own orbits,
In other worlds
Casting their own worlds out
From the Sky and reach your Earthly Orbit.
Else they Act in their own orbit quietly
Focussed in their tasks with Truest Intentions
Of What they are
Not making noises why Jupiter is made bigger than me
When I have life in my bossom?
Have you se Earth Shouting and comparing?
Or the Moon, or any Planets?

This is simple.
If you open yourself
Casting your Egos and Comparisons away.
Your Journey is taking you there
To the Universal Truth.
Have you not seen others fall in your Universe
From their orbits?
They compared
Or the Insecure and the Hypocrites?
They have casted out of their own orbits
By themselves
So you hear them compare

You know the Obvious of Cosmos
Without Explanation
It is made for you
Yes Change it if you like.
The Weathers and the Motions
Do you think it will affect others?
Surely if you do then you have yet to figure out
Your Uniqueness
And surely you have skipped the challenges
That will come back in this Step and the next.
You are the Revealer and the Lord of The Universe
The Most Unique.

But those who know the Cosmos
Need not worry why it is there.
They see the Obvious message in it
Make the Choices
To become The Cosmic Obvious Themselves.
If you are already here
Then you have achieved few milestones
Of your Journey
Especially where you don not Compare

This is no new Discovery
For this has been revelled upon everyone
Inscribed in their genes.

Hi# 35: The Obvious #1- Companions- Milestone 3 – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest IntentionsHumble Insightscropped-dsc_0376.jpg

Hi# 35:

The Obvious #1 – Companions-

Milestone 3 –


Thus you move forward.
No indeed you move forward
With your Belief.
That has certainly on each step
Been your companion.
No, not the other humans
You thought will be with you.
You already overcame those challenges
Of humans, who never existed.

Or, did they never exist?

Then you move forward
No indeed you took the second step and the third and so forth.
Growing your Belief even stronger.
No, you did forget and you still longed for companionship
But your Focus reminded the Apparent.
Shrug your shoulders, your companions are
Never the living
Or even your kind
That you see or talk to.
They are but deaf, dumb and blind in ignorance

But don’t you frown or even laugh at them
No, don’t.
Then remember that is the judgement you pass
That truly makes you forget your Truest Intentions.
And indeed makes you as ignorant
And of course don’t taunt them.
For the Challenges will envelope you from within you.

It is not their Journey
They are but tentative companions.
Some you walk away from
And cast them out of your Universe
For the Challenges they brought in.

It is not their Journey assure yourself
Is that not obvious?
Then look around if it is not.
For you will not see one who knows your
Truest Intentions or your longings
They are but the Truest Companions
Of their own Journeys.
Temporary, uninvolved, uncaring.

So you have seen The Insecure,
Yet you carry them along you.
You know this is what The Truth does,
Cherishing every challenge.
Accompany the companions
Be kind, giving, and generous
This for sure brings more Belief
Regardless of The Insecure’s queries.

You are indeed

The Revealer, The Lord of Your Universe.
The Truest Master of all the worlds.

The Unique,
Indeed, you have invited those companions
Whom you wanted with you.
In your Journey

Milestone 3 – The Obvious – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest IntentionsHumble Insights

Milestone 3 –
The Obvious –

How does it work?
In your Journey
When you have challenges
Shaded and covered with dust and clouds of uncertainties.
And you show questions in your own perseverance.
Overcoming them to have more challenges

Then why should You even keep going on your Journey?
More importantly How?
One step at a time, One milestone at a time.
With your learnings successes and achievement thereof.

You know instantly don’t you
of things that are apparent
Visible. Clearly,
Vaguely, and sometimes covered under some dust
Yet Obvious

But do you know what those Obvious is?
What makes it Obvious?
How does it become apparent?

Like something you never had and you bought
Then every second thing you see is the the thing you just bought
Yes, you have mastered your Focus
Again and again that it has become your nature

Installing practices of constant motivations
Reciting Truest Intentions before any task
Whys, whats, hows, whens, wheres, and then whats
Of your each step of your Journey
The Milestone is here
The gift of clarity in every path where its needed
The Obvious is indeed your gift
Of perseverances and practices of Truest Intentions

Hi# 34: Challenge 10: The Hypocrite – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 10:

The Hypocrite –



You know you meet all Challenges daily

And you Mastered how to avoid them

With your Focus and daily reminders

Of Who you are.

What your purpose is

The Journey

That you are on.

These challenges you have identified already

Are the Milestones of your Journey.

But the most powerful of all challenges

Is to recognize The Hypocrite.

Can you recognize him?

Whose heart is filled with

What is not on his tongue?

Whose Actions and Choices are ruinous for

Every Universe he steps into.

Like Black hole

He sucks your ambitions.

Puts you down.

Makes your tremble and makes your path shaky.

Clever with the Focus to take it all from you,

The Hypocrite keeps his  tongue out.

But his Truest Intentions buried.

So how do you recognize this Hypocrite?

You ask questions

Of All sorts

Before you Never commit to him.

You ask Why and When

And who and Where and with Whom

And Then,


You keep asking the same questions in different forms

Again and again

Till you The Revealer, The Master of Your Universe

Finds out the Truest Intentions of The Hypocrite.

And see that none of the answers would match.

He the Hypocrite is strongest of all Challenges.

For he has Mastered his Actions

And that all he knows.

For his Universe to be Rich and His Journey to complete

He will sacrifice all and you.

Your Universe and the worlds you have in it.

One by one or all at once

Given the opportunities.

Ask questions and not give answers to yours

Shun him and cast him out and away

From you Universe.

Revealing him wont do any good.

Just avoid and stay away.

For one who does not care How he earns

Will earn it at any costs

Even to his destruction.

You will fail yourself with him

Again and Again

That’s the only way to spot the Hypocrite

Till you learn how to ask these questions

Protecting your own Universe.

But Fail only if you havent

Followed your Own Truest Intentions

Of Your own Journey.

Which You have

For You Are The  Revealer and The Master of Your Own Universe.

Aren’t you?

Hi# 33: Challenge 9: The Oppressor – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


 Challenge 9

The Oppressor –


While you think your Journey is Safe.

While you walk confidently on the path.

The Chosen route regardless of your choices.

You always encounter the same challenges.

So did you not think you wouldn’t encounter

Same Challenges?

Trying to skip the course of your Actions.

You couldn’t, could you?

Because each and every choice is a Journey.

So here is another Challenge

If you are ready to pay attention.

Are you?

How do you recognize an Oppressor?

Isn’t he the one who never lets you do things

Your way

Dictating, commanding

And bringing Your

Universe down.

Is he not the one

Who took commands of your Universe

Now running

Taking reins of your horse

While you are on it.

Pushing you down on the path

Asking you to walk


So what happened?

How did the Oppressor able to do such things?

Enslaving you

Your Will and your Universe?

Removing the floor off your feet

Of your Own Universe.

The tyrant is not the Challenge

You are.

Do you see how you forget your own


How you let the Enforcer take over?


Ask yourself

IS this not Lack of your Actions?

The other element that you forgot

To master.

Losing all your Uniqueness.

Yet again this can’t happen to you.

For there is a big reason.

You reminded yourself

Of your Truest Intentions

Before you begin any task.

That makes you Motivated

And brings Focus.

And makes you take Actions.

The Oppressor has no chance

Over your Beliefs

Of your Truth and Trust

In yourself.

Tyrants can’t overcome you

Can they when you have no Fear

Or hauntings Pasts.

The Oppressor knows

And won’t penetrate.

Even if he tries.

He will look for the

Others who

Have forgotten their

Kindnesses and Virtues

And the Journey they were on.

You are okay,

Because you know who the Oppressor gets.

You are the overcomer of the Challenges.

Not the one who Gives up.

You are the defeater of

Eight other Challenges

Unless the

Oppressor mindset has taken over your

Making you and Oppressor.

But that can’t happen to you either.

For you have by now Mastered your Uniqueness.

Becoming the generous Lord of Universe

The Master.

Hi# 32: Challenge 8: The Pleaser – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 8:

The Pleaser –


English: The "pleaser" an illustrati...
English: The “pleaser” an illustration of the situation where someone degrades themselves to please or make someone else happy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In that happy corner,

Is this laughter

You heard in the crowd.

You instantly looked up

You saw yourself

Being pulled towards this person.

Most positive and most giggling,

You are surely drawn towards

The Pleaser.

So who is this Pleaser you may inquire

Such happy and harmless?

The one who will sweep you away,

Off your feet.

Indeed, The diluter of your will.

The one who astray you,

From your path

Making you seemingly blind.

Beware Beware?

For your own heart will defy you.

The mind will warn and warn.

But would you listen?

Now do you know who

This Pleaser is?

This the Challenge greatest.

Above every Challenge.

That surely makes you a procrastinator.

This is the magic.

Where you fall out of your path


Uncaring of any Journey

You set yourself for.

Lost in a whirlwind of yourself

With High and Mighty Ego.

For Pleaser everything you do is pleasing

That the words will dissolve in your ears

Like Honey and Wine.

An ego high clouds your path.

Focus? Gone from where you want to go.

Unfocussed in Circular Quay
Focus Gone (Photo credit: Kievmeister)

Now you are being pleased,

On the highest Heavens.

Cloud nine is way beneath your clouds.

You are charmed.

Loyalty is not the Pleaser’s virtue.

Pleasing is.

For The Pleaser has no differentiation

Between the Good and the Bad.

Beware, Of the Pure good in the Pleaser.

So now do you know who The Pleaser is?

From whom you never learn.

Who pleases you till you lose


So who is this Pleaser can you tell now?

When you can’t devote your time

Even for a moment,


Pleaser like a honey bee

English: Author: Ohad Balaga ; Place taken: Co...
English: Author: Ohad Balaga ; Place taken: Cordoba, Argentina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and like a Bumble bee

Flocks to the other flower,

Pleasing and enticing.

But what you find later  is of no significance.

Too late and too far away from you own path

Your Truest Intentions dissolved

In the Pleasers pleasantries.

But will that happen to you?

Can The Pleasure charm you with charm?

Not if you have your Truest Intentions

With Motivations and Focus.

Surely the Pleaser Heals the pain

Like Messiah.

Then off to heal the pain of others.

Thats all the Pleaser knows.

Without boundaries.

Just dying to make others happy.

Not Just you.

But this surely wont happen to you,

Will it?

Because you are Unique

The Revealer and Master of Your Own Universe,

Who recognizes such

Challenges and

Avoids such paths.

So when you say ugliest things

The charmer will sing songs

Of what beautiful words came out

from you.

But you definitely won’t fall for this right?

You have overcome many such Challenges

So this wouldn’t be something new.


You would pay heed of such Pleasers

They are not the harmers.

You are.

The way you made your Choices

To be with The Pleaser.

Indeed you can deny with your tongue

Will your mind though?

Can it?

They have the best intentions for you

And that is the biggest attraction

of The Pleasers.

For The Pleaser makes you believe

Whatever you do or say is Right and Justified.

A deathly song for ones humility.

And you?

Fighting Challenges in your Journey

Tired by the Questioning People

Desiring One who believes in you

And your Journey?

You will give the Pleaser everything

For the Ego has infinitely expanded

When pleaser talks about you.

Certainly, this pleaser don’t stand a Chance with you though, right?

As your Choices are very Focussed

Full of Motivation.

And you know

When you wont give time to The Pleaser,

Off The Pleaser goes to please others.

So when you meet

The Pelaser for the first time

Do ask yourself

Can you afford such attractive challenge

That could completely take you off the Journey you are on?

Unless of course

You are yourself

A Pleaser.

Then You have found your match.

The Journey will be for both.