Hi# 27: Challenge 3 – The Competitors – Journey

I begin everything with my 
 Truest Intentions


Challenge 3 – The Competitors – Journey

So why is that you feel

That every time you do start something

Good, gracious, noble and great

People want to stop you?

Why do they all want to stop you?

Or try to do something greater than you?

Yes they do make you feel that way

Because they have lost their Uniqueness

They compare and they

wont stop at anything

This is another challenge

Can you recognize this without


Can you still carry on,

On your Journey?

Complete it

Achieve your milestones?

This is a challenge indeed

So, Observe

and spot the ones

Who creates worlds of Competitions

In your Universe

Can you?

Without changing your path

Through overcoming these challenges?

Can you recognize

The Competitor than

Who wants to bring you down?

Then, can you identify the Competitors

Who wants to create diversions

So you never ever follow the path

And then again can you avoid

The Competitors

Who will entice you to keep you away

And if that does not deter you

From your path,

They will harass you,

Yell and scream and threaten you

Try to Violate you

To stall you.

Then If that even does not work,

They will make you dilute your time

By bringing their made up problems

Can you then recognize these Competitors?

Who if all else fails will make you

Feel guilty

Or sorry for them?

Yes you know they wont stop at nothing

But would you stop?

If you have already set your course?

Will you feel aggravated

Or Challenged

Or even Give up

To please them?

Or to let them win?

‘Cos there is no winning for them

On your Journey

Theirs is their own

So how then you get through with this Challenge

Of Competitors?

Can you tolerate them and close your eyes?

They would come as the best of your friends.

Indeed, you would recognize they are everything but friends

Indeed they would portray their relations with you as

Somebody who are your well wishers

Their mockery and insecurity wont stop at anything

But you wont succumb to them would you?


Cast them out of your Universe.


Your Focus is the Enabler.

Only by Remembering you are the

Unique Lord of your Universe

By acknowledging the

Journey is yours alone

By Your Actions

Truly There is no overcoming of these Challenges

Except of the Mastery of your own

Universe’s Lordship


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