Hi# 28: Challenge 4 : Calamities of Wrong Choices

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 4 :

Calamities of Wrong Choices

Have you forgotten today?

On the day of your outcome?

Does The Report Card

Clearly not tell you?

The Choices you have made

At certain initial step

of your Journey.

Can you deny this?

Yes, you always can.

Thinking that others will buy that

And few more excuses.

But what is your heart

Saying to you?

How does your own mind

Calculate those excuses to others?

When you saw your own outcome of

The Wrong Choices.

What are Wrong Choices?

Which makes your tongue speak but

Different than what your heart, mind, and soul knows.

 What makes you suspicious

And Most Uncomfortable of your Self.

Then, Do you deny them now,

That It was never your Choice?

As an Adult,

Yes, never as a New Born Baby

But once you reach your level

of Comprehending Right from more right.

Once you know and admit

Even Not choosing and

Letting others control

Your Universe and its worlds

is Your Choice.

Is it Circumstantial then?

Indeed That is your Challenge 3.

Since you are the Master of your Universe.

The Truest Lord.

The Acceptor of others and the Rejector.

The Maker of Choices and

Not Choosing the as well.

How then you choose to become the Effect/Affect,

Rather than the Master, The Lord?

That very day you chose

Was it not the Day of your Outcome?

Not the path you are on Today

This path today,

Is Just the Day of Realisation, isn’t it?

The day you become your own Challenges.

The Insecure,

The Time Waster

And of course The Competitor

Your tongue is speechless.

Your mind speaks.

Without Excuses

This Realisation day is only

The end of the end.

This day you and your worlds in your Universe

Disperse like moths disperse.

Have you seen how moths disperse?

Then go and research how they disperse.

See the similarity.

This day your Universe commands changes

To the Right Choice.

This Day Calamities of insecurities strike

And your Universe comes down

Like mountains erupts lava

And Earthquakes rips the earth

And Tsunamis floods and destroys your Universe.

Now do you understand then,

The Beginning of the End

Is the Day You make Choices?

So those of you, who have kept

Their Truest Intentions

To Focus on making

The Right Choices

To keep their Motivations

Alive and to

Understand their Uniqueness

And persevere

In their Actions

To walk the path of Belief.

The one who Trusts

The one who has casted

The Past and the Fears.

This will keep you aware.

The Doer

The Action Taker

If Any Challenge



Try to strike

And it will

But your Choices shall

Make you prevail

And Overcome


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