HI# 29: Challenge 5: The One in Haste: The Desperate: The Ungrateful Punisher – Journey

I begin everything with my   Truest Intentions


Challenge 5

The One in Haste: The Desperate: The Ungrateful Punisher-


Do you realize in your Journey

You may not come across every Challenge?

That you may however, suddenly find yourself

Facing one or more?

So what and how can’t you avoid?

Do you recall

What Desperation is?

When in your excitement

You lose your Focus

The very Truest Intention

That gave you Motivation?

You lose all that.

You know

How your adrenaline

Makes you high.

Don’t you?

Can you really deny that

Or the times you have felt rushed?

Even though your mind and heart tells you

This is Haste.

Your Desperation overclouds you.

Then, the only thing you  can Observe is


You wonder what Haste is

So you can keep that in mind embedded?

For when you are Desperate you can  avoid?

Desperation creates Haste

Which in turn stirs up

Dusts and clouds

Making you hard to see

Almost invisible


But what does that do,

You may ask?

This very Desperation and Haste

Creates false excitement in your Universe.

Do you realize how

The chain of other excited haste and desperate worlds

Are now in Your Universe,

Blowing smokes and fires?

Have you not felt this blindness?

This is why.

That’s When you know You are Challenged

Your mind, alerts you

You can’t pay attention

Being attracted by other hasty beings

You are incapable.

So if you get sucked into very Desperation,

Then dont you agree,

You have not reminded yourself

To be Easy on yourself,

To be most comforting,

As your Truest Intentions Revealed.

Have you not just witnessed that

This very Desperation and Haste

Has thus resulted in making you


How Ungrateful you’ve been

To Yourself?

Have you not just forced yourself

Into Challenges of Insecurities

And Formed a Changed Universe of

Your own

That encompasses The Insecures?

All around you they exist.

How then can you not realize

Th Ungratefulness Punisher

  You have made of Yourself?

How then Can you be on the original Path

That you set out for your Journey?

Is it not Lost?

So remind yourself of this Challenge

And Focus

This is the day you want to look back and come back to.

To The Focus and Motivation of your own Truth and Journey.

This is your result of becoming

Master of Your Universe, The Revealer

of Your own Choices

Wouldn’t every thought of yours

Make you The Ungrateful Punisher

If you choose Desperation and Haste?

But What if

You Adhered to your reminder of

The Truest Intentions

Motivations, and Focus

Would you not be on

The Path of the Journey

You have chosen in the first place?


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