Hi# 30: Challenge 6: The Sperm – Relapses in Ego -Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions





 Challenge 6:

The Sperm –

Relapses in Ego



So after Your Truest Intentions

Have you recalled your existence

As The Lord of Your Universe?

You are!


Should you still ponder in the abyss

of comparisons.

Did each one of you not

Come from a Uni-cellular Sperm?

So study, research, and read

Then remind again and again,

That you are truly most generous.

Able to carry smartness

And hold intelligence.

Aren’t you a learner?

Learning things that

You believe you never knew?

You do know that it is

You who hold the thoughts,

The pen of knowledge

To think, write and create

Your own Universe. Right?

Then you will also agree that

You know your abilities

To over step and cross the limits.

You know the moment

When your Ego

Makes you acknowledge

Your self-sufficiency

And Over Confidence.

When you start believing

You are Self-Sufficient

And Over-Confident.

You will relapse.

Back to throwing yourself away

Thinking Egoistically,

You are The Revealer Master of Your Universe

You may also wishfully start believing

You have power and control

To abuse and over look

Your Responsibilities.

Here is your Challenge

Facing like a serpent straight at you.

Are you aware of this Challenge?

Then be aware of the lost intentions,

As Well.

Don’t you again then agree

That With such Ego

You will find to lose all your intentions

Motivation, Focus, Uniqueness, and everything

You have built thus far.

The path you walked on

would wipe out your steps.


Letting even others turn away from your


But don’t you agree

You are your own Observer?

You are your own Reminder

of Your Universe, Focus

and The Journey?

Is it not built within you

From when you were a


Yes indeed

An inevitable urge to control

The vice and the insecurities

has taken over .

Then re-remind yourself

You are nothing but

A Sperm

Relapsing in Ego



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