HI# 31: Challenge 7: The Real Angry – The Overwhelmed – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 7:

The Real Angry –

The Overwhelmed


So you deny again?

The edginess you feel.

The discomfort with

Heart beating faster,

The Past flashing right through your mind.


Eyes bulging out.

Don’t you feel out of breath?

So what if the person opposite to you is

Hitting you below your belt?

So what?

They make you angry?

Or did you let your guards down?

Exposing all your vulnerabilities?

Giving commands to The Real Angry.

The truest overwhelmed.

Making The Angry Master of YOUR Universe?

Why did this happen?

You ask.

Where is your checklist?

Where have you forgotten the steps

of The Journey you are on?

Or is this lack of Focus?

That drove you to recall and relapse into

Your Past

Bringing all that back,

That once

Made you overwhelmed?

It’s none of those.

It’s yet another challenge.

That you will encounter.

About to blow your mind away, isn’t it?

Won’t you recognize it immediately then?

The overwhelming aggressor

Who will lurk you from

Out of nowhere!

But have you anything to lose?

If you have already started your things

With your Truest Intentions

That reminded you to be easy on yourself

And most beneficial.

So when you meet The Real Angry

You will calm him down.

With your  whelm,

You calm the overwhelm.

The whelm within you.

You have thus far persevered.

So wouldn’t your remember

This Challenge?

That what you thought is your Anger is

The reflection of The Real Angry,

In fornt of you.

Not you!

The Overwhelmed.

Will he not try to push you

To React in overwhelming way?

But you will prevail

Won’t you

For your Own

Mastery of Universe

Shall recognize this Challenge

That will make you keep at your

Journey, unobstructed.


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