Hi# 32: Challenge 8: The Pleaser – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 8:

The Pleaser –


English: The "pleaser" an illustrati...
English: The “pleaser” an illustration of the situation where someone degrades themselves to please or make someone else happy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In that happy corner,

Is this laughter

You heard in the crowd.

You instantly looked up

You saw yourself

Being pulled towards this person.

Most positive and most giggling,

You are surely drawn towards

The Pleaser.

So who is this Pleaser you may inquire

Such happy and harmless?

The one who will sweep you away,

Off your feet.

Indeed, The diluter of your will.

The one who astray you,

From your path

Making you seemingly blind.

Beware Beware?

For your own heart will defy you.

The mind will warn and warn.

But would you listen?

Now do you know who

This Pleaser is?

This the Challenge greatest.

Above every Challenge.

That surely makes you a procrastinator.

This is the magic.

Where you fall out of your path


Uncaring of any Journey

You set yourself for.

Lost in a whirlwind of yourself

With High and Mighty Ego.

For Pleaser everything you do is pleasing

That the words will dissolve in your ears

Like Honey and Wine.

An ego high clouds your path.

Focus? Gone from where you want to go.

Unfocussed in Circular Quay
Focus Gone (Photo credit: Kievmeister)

Now you are being pleased,

On the highest Heavens.

Cloud nine is way beneath your clouds.

You are charmed.

Loyalty is not the Pleaser’s virtue.

Pleasing is.

For The Pleaser has no differentiation

Between the Good and the Bad.

Beware, Of the Pure good in the Pleaser.

So now do you know who The Pleaser is?

From whom you never learn.

Who pleases you till you lose


So who is this Pleaser can you tell now?

When you can’t devote your time

Even for a moment,


Pleaser like a honey bee

English: Author: Ohad Balaga ; Place taken: Co...
English: Author: Ohad Balaga ; Place taken: Cordoba, Argentina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and like a Bumble bee

Flocks to the other flower,

Pleasing and enticing.

But what you find later  is of no significance.

Too late and too far away from you own path

Your Truest Intentions dissolved

In the Pleasers pleasantries.

But will that happen to you?

Can The Pleasure charm you with charm?

Not if you have your Truest Intentions

With Motivations and Focus.

Surely the Pleaser Heals the pain

Like Messiah.

Then off to heal the pain of others.

Thats all the Pleaser knows.

Without boundaries.

Just dying to make others happy.

Not Just you.

But this surely wont happen to you,

Will it?

Because you are Unique

The Revealer and Master of Your Own Universe,

Who recognizes such

Challenges and

Avoids such paths.

So when you say ugliest things

The charmer will sing songs

Of what beautiful words came out

from you.

But you definitely won’t fall for this right?

You have overcome many such Challenges

So this wouldn’t be something new.


You would pay heed of such Pleasers

They are not the harmers.

You are.

The way you made your Choices

To be with The Pleaser.

Indeed you can deny with your tongue

Will your mind though?

Can it?

They have the best intentions for you

And that is the biggest attraction

of The Pleasers.

For The Pleaser makes you believe

Whatever you do or say is Right and Justified.

A deathly song for ones humility.

And you?

Fighting Challenges in your Journey

Tired by the Questioning People

Desiring One who believes in you

And your Journey?

You will give the Pleaser everything

For the Ego has infinitely expanded

When pleaser talks about you.

Certainly, this pleaser don’t stand a Chance with you though, right?

As your Choices are very Focussed

Full of Motivation.

And you know

When you wont give time to The Pleaser,

Off The Pleaser goes to please others.

So when you meet

The Pelaser for the first time

Do ask yourself

Can you afford such attractive challenge

That could completely take you off the Journey you are on?

Unless of course

You are yourself

A Pleaser.

Then You have found your match.

The Journey will be for both.


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