Hi# 33: Challenge 9: The Oppressor – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


 Challenge 9

The Oppressor –


While you think your Journey is Safe.

While you walk confidently on the path.

The Chosen route regardless of your choices.

You always encounter the same challenges.

So did you not think you wouldn’t encounter

Same Challenges?

Trying to skip the course of your Actions.

You couldn’t, could you?

Because each and every choice is a Journey.

So here is another Challenge

If you are ready to pay attention.

Are you?

How do you recognize an Oppressor?

Isn’t he the one who never lets you do things

Your way

Dictating, commanding

And bringing Your

Universe down.

Is he not the one

Who took commands of your Universe

Now running

Taking reins of your horse

While you are on it.

Pushing you down on the path

Asking you to walk


So what happened?

How did the Oppressor able to do such things?

Enslaving you

Your Will and your Universe?

Removing the floor off your feet

Of your Own Universe.

The tyrant is not the Challenge

You are.

Do you see how you forget your own


How you let the Enforcer take over?


Ask yourself

IS this not Lack of your Actions?

The other element that you forgot

To master.

Losing all your Uniqueness.

Yet again this can’t happen to you.

For there is a big reason.

You reminded yourself

Of your Truest Intentions

Before you begin any task.

That makes you Motivated

And brings Focus.

And makes you take Actions.

The Oppressor has no chance

Over your Beliefs

Of your Truth and Trust

In yourself.

Tyrants can’t overcome you

Can they when you have no Fear

Or hauntings Pasts.

The Oppressor knows

And won’t penetrate.

Even if he tries.

He will look for the

Others who

Have forgotten their

Kindnesses and Virtues

And the Journey they were on.

You are okay,

Because you know who the Oppressor gets.

You are the overcomer of the Challenges.

Not the one who Gives up.

You are the defeater of

Eight other Challenges

Unless the

Oppressor mindset has taken over your

Making you and Oppressor.

But that can’t happen to you either.

For you have by now Mastered your Uniqueness.

Becoming the generous Lord of Universe

The Master.


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