Hi# 34: Challenge 10: The Hypocrite – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 10:

The Hypocrite –



You know you meet all Challenges daily

And you Mastered how to avoid them

With your Focus and daily reminders

Of Who you are.

What your purpose is

The Journey

That you are on.

These challenges you have identified already

Are the Milestones of your Journey.

But the most powerful of all challenges

Is to recognize The Hypocrite.

Can you recognize him?

Whose heart is filled with

What is not on his tongue?

Whose Actions and Choices are ruinous for

Every Universe he steps into.

Like Black hole

He sucks your ambitions.

Puts you down.

Makes your tremble and makes your path shaky.

Clever with the Focus to take it all from you,

The Hypocrite keeps his  tongue out.

But his Truest Intentions buried.

So how do you recognize this Hypocrite?

You ask questions

Of All sorts

Before you Never commit to him.

You ask Why and When

And who and Where and with Whom

And Then,


You keep asking the same questions in different forms

Again and again

Till you The Revealer, The Master of Your Universe

Finds out the Truest Intentions of The Hypocrite.

And see that none of the answers would match.

He the Hypocrite is strongest of all Challenges.

For he has Mastered his Actions

And that all he knows.

For his Universe to be Rich and His Journey to complete

He will sacrifice all and you.

Your Universe and the worlds you have in it.

One by one or all at once

Given the opportunities.

Ask questions and not give answers to yours

Shun him and cast him out and away

From you Universe.

Revealing him wont do any good.

Just avoid and stay away.

For one who does not care How he earns

Will earn it at any costs

Even to his destruction.

You will fail yourself with him

Again and Again

That’s the only way to spot the Hypocrite

Till you learn how to ask these questions

Protecting your own Universe.

But Fail only if you havent

Followed your Own Truest Intentions

Of Your own Journey.

Which You have

For You Are The  Revealer and The Master of Your Own Universe.

Aren’t you?


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