Milestone 3 – The Obvious – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest IntentionsHumble Insights

Milestone 3 –
The Obvious –

How does it work?
In your Journey
When you have challenges
Shaded and covered with dust and clouds of uncertainties.
And you show questions in your own perseverance.
Overcoming them to have more challenges

Then why should You even keep going on your Journey?
More importantly How?
One step at a time, One milestone at a time.
With your learnings successes and achievement thereof.

You know instantly don’t you
of things that are apparent
Visible. Clearly,
Vaguely, and sometimes covered under some dust
Yet Obvious

But do you know what those Obvious is?
What makes it Obvious?
How does it become apparent?

Like something you never had and you bought
Then every second thing you see is the the thing you just bought
Yes, you have mastered your Focus
Again and again that it has become your nature

Installing practices of constant motivations
Reciting Truest Intentions before any task
Whys, whats, hows, whens, wheres, and then whats
Of your each step of your Journey
The Milestone is here
The gift of clarity in every path where its needed
The Obvious is indeed your gift
Of perseverances and practices of Truest Intentions


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