Hi# 35: The Obvious #1- Companions- Milestone 3 – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest IntentionsHumble Insightscropped-dsc_0376.jpg

Hi# 35:

The Obvious #1 – Companions-

Milestone 3 –


Thus you move forward.
No indeed you move forward
With your Belief.
That has certainly on each step
Been your companion.
No, not the other humans
You thought will be with you.
You already overcame those challenges
Of humans, who never existed.

Or, did they never exist?

Then you move forward
No indeed you took the second step and the third and so forth.
Growing your Belief even stronger.
No, you did forget and you still longed for companionship
But your Focus reminded the Apparent.
Shrug your shoulders, your companions are
Never the living
Or even your kind
That you see or talk to.
They are but deaf, dumb and blind in ignorance

But don’t you frown or even laugh at them
No, don’t.
Then remember that is the judgement you pass
That truly makes you forget your Truest Intentions.
And indeed makes you as ignorant
And of course don’t taunt them.
For the Challenges will envelope you from within you.

It is not their Journey
They are but tentative companions.
Some you walk away from
And cast them out of your Universe
For the Challenges they brought in.

It is not their Journey assure yourself
Is that not obvious?
Then look around if it is not.
For you will not see one who knows your
Truest Intentions or your longings
They are but the Truest Companions
Of their own Journeys.
Temporary, uninvolved, uncaring.

So you have seen The Insecure,
Yet you carry them along you.
You know this is what The Truth does,
Cherishing every challenge.
Accompany the companions
Be kind, giving, and generous
This for sure brings more Belief
Regardless of The Insecure’s queries.

You are indeed

The Revealer, The Lord of Your Universe.
The Truest Master of all the worlds.

The Unique,
Indeed, you have invited those companions
Whom you wanted with you.
In your Journey


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