Hi# 36: The Obvious #2- The Cosmos – Milestone 3 – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions

Humble Insights



Hi# 36:

The Obvious #2

The Cosmos

Milestone 3


When you look up
What do you see?
Sky, clouds, planets, asteroids,
Borealis, constellations Moons,
And day lights and darkness.

But science guesses
Which is already explained and stated
In The Ancient Books of almost all Beliefs.
Then why must science reinvent?
Science merely invented to explain this.
Science is simply An Explanation of Beliefs.
Science is not Belief,
But merely a servant of Belief.

So in The cosmos everything
Revolves around everything
You look up and you see the Moon
So how come when you go up to the Moon
You dont look down to see Earth
Why Is that you Always must look up?
To the Cosmos?

These are your Universal Truths.
The Cosmos is another obvious
For your Journey
So you also become Incomparable.

Like snow flakes each one Unique
Or your finger prints
Then what about your DNA?
So how come you still don’t believe you
Are Unique as well?

Do you not See the Obvious?
Some revolves in bigger orbits
Than others
Some takes Ages but they do come back
Like comets 3000 Earth years later.
Yes everything comes around.
Such shall always be Obvious in your Journey.
Incomparably indeed!

Do you think this is Obvious?
Whether you name it or not?
Or time it or not?
It is the Universal Truth?
Isn’t it?

Such are your obvious Actions
There aren’t any sounds that you hear
Unless they are falling from their own orbits,
In other worlds
Casting their own worlds out
From the Sky and reach your Earthly Orbit.
Else they Act in their own orbit quietly
Focussed in their tasks with Truest Intentions
Of What they are
Not making noises why Jupiter is made bigger than me
When I have life in my bossom?
Have you se Earth Shouting and comparing?
Or the Moon, or any Planets?

This is simple.
If you open yourself
Casting your Egos and Comparisons away.
Your Journey is taking you there
To the Universal Truth.
Have you not seen others fall in your Universe
From their orbits?
They compared
Or the Insecure and the Hypocrites?
They have casted out of their own orbits
By themselves
So you hear them compare

You know the Obvious of Cosmos
Without Explanation
It is made for you
Yes Change it if you like.
The Weathers and the Motions
Do you think it will affect others?
Surely if you do then you have yet to figure out
Your Uniqueness
And surely you have skipped the challenges
That will come back in this Step and the next.
You are the Revealer and the Lord of The Universe
The Most Unique.

But those who know the Cosmos
Need not worry why it is there.
They see the Obvious message in it
Make the Choices
To become The Cosmic Obvious Themselves.
If you are already here
Then you have achieved few milestones
Of your Journey
Especially where you don not Compare

This is no new Discovery
For this has been revelled upon everyone
Inscribed in their genes.


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