The path one alwaya travles
The path one always travel



If you are in search of constant humility that you can reflect them in your own actions then

Blog for your own overwhelming thoughts, to give them a venue, a shape, a direction.
Like me, who doesn’t want to be a leader, a follower, a philosopher or a writer.
If you just want to be you.

Then guide yourself to seek more humane actions and focus in your own little life’s Journey.

And if you have similar thoughts and if you are Muztarib, (Urdu word for being Antsy)

Then write some more for yourself.
Searching whether one day we humans will act without fear, without destructive competition.
Or without feeling that we have shortage or scarcity of things.
Then you must truly believe in abundance of everything that we see and everything
that we can’t even perceive, but do use.
This is what compelled my eagerness. My one question was Why?,

What happened to me then?
Then I understood. It was NEVER  a  “Why” that ever mattered it’s the HOWs that matters.

I concluded in all idealistic and practical purposes that as long as you and I remain sane, we should  express fearlessly. You and I should travel our paths and embrace the How along the way. Love to all who seek and travel their Journeys and more love tot hose who don’t or can’t and one day they just might start.

You know you and I, we were raised very uniquely just like you. Don’t you admit you are unique? We were always asked to question everything without judging, for better understanding. Respecting people and without violating or disrespecting others beliefs. Just to let you know, see what I realize in my Journey is that when we keep our faith, then we don’t have to hear or talk indirectly or in circles. Also, that

One day we may all be able to understand without the use of words, without guessing the meaning or intentions of others.
By using our instincts.

   Where was I? 

Yeah my discovery of a path that I travel continuously. What makes me believe? Let me elaborate a little here.

From father to mom within 48 hours. There we were. Yeah, you and I were  in the womb, from our conception when we left other sperms behind. to our delivery at birth, we start acquiring packages of Knowledge. Like computer  and softwares. Packages and compatibility of other packages we would need in the world we will live in till our deaths. Package of our basic senses and the abilities to recognize what packages are needed to be installed, to live in this world. As we grow our necessity of acquiring knowledge and package  grows with it. Computers, smart phones, and tablets followed the same Human Logic. When we need worldly knowledge we acquire it by installing it in our brains. Then as our requirements necessitate us, we mastered them for our use.

There is a Journey we are all on. We have our own luggage in this Journey. From all walks of lives we walk. Our destination is mainly because of our needs of body, mind and soul.                                                                                                           

Body Requires  

1. Air
2. Water
3. Food
4. Sleep
5. Health
6. Nurturing of body
7. Physical companionship for togetherness

Mind Requires

1. Intellect
2. Recognition
3. Nurturing
4. Gratification
5. A direction
6. A solid reasoning and compulsion to do things
7. Other similar company to expand that intellect

Soul Requires

1. Nature
2. An ideology
3. Loyalty
4. Faith
6. Belief
5. Spirituality
6. Nurturing of faith and belief
7. Soulmate


When body, mind, and soul meet in harmony we get the most beautiful Human Being. The one we spend our whole lives to become. The Supreme Being.
The one Journey all of us are travelling to become. Forgetting we all were once born Perfect. Then we choose to install the worldly packages of knowledge that surrounds us in our body, mind and souls that we separate all three from each other. At times our environment we grow in does not allow us to be able to install or choose the right packages. We lose the difference between oneness of our mind, body, and soul.

Our milestones and landmarks in this Journey are, Each person we meet, we are reminded. Each incident that occur is an additional satellite positioning system that keeps indicating and alerting. We are on the right track, we wont give up. But sometimes these landmarks are invisible to the body because mind and soul are too far apart from our body.

Then what do we do?

We align them. In this Journey of lifetime. We keep maintaining, like the car after certain mileage needs, oil change, other services and alignments.
Our existence needs services of body, mind, and soul. for this reasons, exercises, workouts, meditations, yogas, doctors, and of course religions are here. Yet we still find ourselves feeling compelled and divided. Needless to say, we try to find solace in anything or everything. So why can’t we all travel together in this Journey  to understand and align and re-align each other without fear?

What do you say can we or can we not?


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