Hi# 32: Challenge 8: The Pleaser – Journey

HI! Is for Humble Insights!

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Challenge 8:

The Pleaser –



In that happy corner,

Is this laughter

You heard in the crowd.

You instantly looked up

You saw yourself

Being pulled towards this person.

Most positive and most giggling,

You are surely drawn towards

The Pleaser.

So who is this Pleaser you may inquire

Such happy and harmless?

The one who will sweep you away,

Off your feet.

Indeed, The diluter of your will.

The one who astray you,

From your path

Making you seemingly blind.

Beware Beware?

For your own heart will defy you.

The mind will warn and warn.

But would you listen?

Now do you know who

This Pleaser is?

This the Challenge greatest.

Above every Challenge.

That surely makes you a procrastinator.

This is the magic.

Where you fall out of your path


Uncaring of any Journey

You set yourself for.

Lost in…

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