HI#1: Where is All This Coming From?

HI! Is for Humble Insights!

Humble Insights

Why do all religious ritualistic believers address their gods as a He?
Who is this He?
The One who resides outside them, somewhere else, away?
Where is this sense of separating God come to them?
What do they leave within themselves then, when they point this God out and away?

Why can’t they point Him within them?

Where is all this coming from?

Can anyone Tell me who is this who resides within them if not God?
When did we cast God out of ourselves?

What happens then… Is this what we see today around us, the outcome of God not being within us?
Why do I feel empty whenever I pronounce God as He or Him and not within I? Don’t they feel the same?
This perpetual void.
Who are these believers of Him?
Why is He not I?
God is within Me! The “I” is God and it…

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