Hi# 40: The Obvious #6 – Milestone 3 – Journey-You

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


iHi# 40: The Obvious #6

Milestone 3



What Journey reveals undoubtedly,
Can’t I deny it?
Can’t I forget my past, my present?
Can’t I never worry about the future?
Am I not able?

I know what is revealed,
But do I really want to know?
I want to reflect in my conversations,
That I know
But can I express it?
Without hurting, without getting hurt?

When was it my choice to be born?
When did I choose my childhood?
What if I was a female in this world?

Or as an animal helpless in man’s oppressive world?

How long of oppression will I have to face to be free?
That ultimately makes me ask only one question.
What is all this about?
Where is all this coming from?

We say it is all about choice.
Well can anyone tell me when
Did I choose to be born?
I am yelling at all of you
Who claimed CHOICES make us
Well how?

And anger and despair
Overwhelms me
So can I deny?
Can I deny everything?
Can I refuse that which surrounds me?
Can I fight everything and cast myself away from everyone?
Tirelessly, vehemently, tormentingly,
Which way is right?
Which Choice is right?
Yours, theirs, the heroes of the pasts?
The prophets and the gods and the angels?
Answer me?
Are you listening?

The mirror broke,
Shattering my existence,
It is You the mirror said, while shattering
Can you deny You?

The exhaustion of my Journey
Enveloped me,
It is me that mirror was calling
The so apparent,
So in front of me.

And with this revelation
Everything was OBVIOUS
I am the choice,
I am the You,
That I can never deny

Milestone 3: The Obvious realizes
Begins the Milestone 4: Actions of the Journey
My Journey,
Journey of I


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