Hi# 41: ACTIONS – Milestone 4 – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentions


Hi# 41


Milestone 4


So I was depressed and angry and overwhelmed
and I was lost
Then I saw myself in the mirror
Shattered it and realized I am the one that is You
In my own Journey.
No one else, but me.
The more I got up and did
The more “I” was revealed to me.
The more I did the more my Journey got challenging
But I kept acting and implementing
While I was outraged I didn’t have focus on my rage
I was doing things
I was in action

Then the more I did things the more I realized
I must keep doing it

The rage, depression all disappeared,
The more I implemented
The quieter I got,
Able to listen to my inner self
The easier the Journey became
The more Trust I was able to put in myself
The more I got done
Farther I travelled
So I looked back and saw what I did wrong?
It was not what I did wrong
It was what I never did

Thus began my Fourth Milestone ACTIONS
Counting on my own Actions
To what I want to become
To understand myself
I must Act!
I must Do!
With all my whining
complaining, tantrums and what not,

I must have my own ACTIONS
Question is,

What should my actions be?


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