Hi# 43: ENABLING ACTIONS – Milestone 4 – Journey

I begin everything with my  Truest Intentionsi

Hi# 43


Milestone 4


Do I think?

Then do I think my thoughts are merely thoughts?
Do you think the same as well?

Then I thought again.
I don’t know if you did or not, but Ithought again.

I realised, there was immense amount of work
that was done by my brain
to generate any thought
in my head.

Chemicals were reacting
Cells were producing and dying
Hormones, adrenaline
serotonin and what not
was being produced.
Then injected and
transferred to my neurons
for me to be able to think and realize that
“It’s merely a thought?”

So, then, can I or you still say “it’s a mere thought?”
I believe we can’t.

Do you recall, when I felt a pang in my heart
and it made my body move,
created apparent gestures in my body
that you and others saw?
Some reacted noticeably and others didn’t.
Your eyes twitched,
Your lips spread, your fists clasped and ,
Your teeth clenched
Just because you thought, I thought something
This is the power of Thinking.
These are what I understood as ENABLING ACTIONS
Am I making any sense when you read this?
My thoughts that are most powerful
That make me move, and do things that
made others react

I control my thoughts
and I control my ACTIONS
Thereby Ruling My UNIVERSE.
That ENABLES me,
to set up my Journey,
To Trust myself so I can Trust others,
To realize my own Uniqueness and not compare
To Choose a right Team of people to make me successful
As a friend, as a family man, as a partner
My thoughts ENABLE me.
The microscopic unseen ACTIONS that took place
in my head made me move mountains
in this world among all of you

Thus I decided to master my thinking.
Control it to produce favourable results
Channelled my thoughts to invite right people in my Universe
Focus in favourable directions
Thus I created my own path to my Journey
Enabling ACTIONS made my UNIQUENESS as my REVEALER of my Own Universe
So then how did I manage my Universe with other people’s world?


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