The Mountain

The Mountain

“Down I go …”
The Mountain… erupting Lava
That couldn’t take anymore audacity of life
Raging and screaming and splattering.
Listen to his screams
His despair
The mountain died.
Hoping one day he would be needed.
He would be used for something useful.
This heat he held inside,
This fire that rages out now
and destroys
Razing every inch of existence;
His own and others.

No one cared he needed to be needed.
They just walked and climbed all over him
Stepping on and on and on…

Today is his pay back time.
He who protected them with
gusts, blazers, and stood up right
taking all the cruelty of nature
Never appreciated, forever neglected…
Now bring wrath to fearing and fickle.

“This is my story,” said The Mountain
“I shall die in vain!”
Like all of us.

Un Word Me!

Un Word Me!

Would you for one moment
Stop and ponder
No language, No tongue
No sound to express
Not even gestures

Then would you feel
The need to speak
The anxiety to express
To explain
To be understood

You wouldn’t care
To be misunderstood
You just feel
The purity

So if you must,
Un Word me!
Take my physical
Expressions away
of all sorts
Leave me with me

Then would I even stop and ponder
For one moment?







Which One

Which One

So which one of you
Think I should keep my mouth shut?
For opening my mouth is more evil
Than keeping it shut

Who wants to here
What they already know
From other person’s mouth

Which one of you 
Don’t judge?
The moment you told me
“I don’t judge” is the moment
You judged me that I am judging you

The Other side of Suicide

The Other side of Suicide

I was laughing
At the view
That surrounded me
Blood, and broken corpses
Screams and agonizing pains
Of survivors

This is the commotion
I have caused
LOL, The one who came
to die
I who put myself in front of the bus
Who told that idiot driver to apply breaks on his bus?
Flipping it
Throwing bodies out of the
Windows shattered glasses

Even death does not want me!

Rejection by my own demise
Is the Other side of Suicide
Isn’t it?



What vibes do I send you?
Your reply and behaviour
Instigates your predatory instincts
Survive! Shouts your attacking mode

Before I will call you “Asshole!”
I will replay my posture, my tone of voice, my gestures
Think and take a deep breath,
Reminding myself
Then drop the notion of calling you anything.

I will resend the frequencies
that you and I can harmonize on
Not resonate
for I want to build bridges with you
Not Burn them