Personal Problems and Psychologists

Personal Problems

Psychologists have their own personal problems which they must deal with and at times fail as any other normal and so called abnormal person. If you really want to pay someone to listen to you. Then pay yourself and listen to your own advise. Show me one normal human  being and I will show you Jesus.

He said

” We are all just cursed. We don’t care what happens to us. Living to us is dying every day with aggravations and oppressions of our own existences. Therefore, the less I see people or get involved the better it is for them. Love, care, empathy… all are bullshit, because we all end up wanting more and more and more and more till we suck each other out dry. Supreme beings.” His monotone smirky laughter kept getting weirder and freakier.

I just didn’t know if he was being pessimistic or optimistic. I just listened; numb and totally confusimistically. my thoughts wandered and stopped at one singled out conclusion, he was cracking.