Needy vs Needed




Needy vs Needed



Who has more ego, I asked, “The one who claims to love or the one who thinks he/she should love back because that’s what is needed?” And my soul laughed at me from within again and said, “Once you know what soulmate is, you wont need these vanities, Einstein!” 
“Can then, what we measure our love by, be in a superficial realms at all times? We say we love you only to hear and be treated by others so they can love us back. A subconscious marketing ploy of our egos to sell our needy self centred disposition to the one who we claim to love.”
My soul is laughing vehemently at me, ” Be humble!” she said.

wrote with double dose of Nyquil Zzzz while coughing profusely and non-stop and Celbrex in my system.



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