Scrolling Blogs to Resonate or Harmonize?

Scrolling Blogs to Resonate or Harmonize?

Would you tell me if I make a blunder?
Would you?
Would you tell me if I suck in writing?
Would you?
Would you just glance my words and shake your head
Scroll the screen to others,
Searching for something catchier,
Something that will either resonate or harmonize
Your senses today
Your vibes now?

Would you come back again,
In few hours?
To scroll in search of that kick
That inspiration you get
when you stumble upon something
You believe is profound.
Or just keep scrolling down blog to blog
Purposelessly, to kill time.

Would you start following me?
Because I liked your blog and follow you?
Or Would you like and follow with a click
In the hope they would do the same?

Yes I have found others and I have wondered
If one reads those I have found,
They would know these writers
Will get inside your head
And talk to your souls
Then leave you wondering why others write?

That’s it, my bank of words in my head is
Just like my body
Some life I live in emptiness




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