So how dare you love someone?

What do you know about love?

It’s a fools paradise

You are under our obligations.

We have given birth to you.

We have raised you.

You obey us and do as we tell you to do

We will emotionally blackmail you

We will make you feel guilty

Till your mind and soul have a stroke

A paralyses that will let us do whatever we want to

With you

You are nothing but our Commodity

A possession to cast you away

If you disobey

We will traumatize you till you give in.

Good girl

It is for your own good

We know whats good for you

we are in your head brainwashing you

Every moment

Yes you know you are our commodity





Ass Kissers

Ass Kissers

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They say “Flattery gets you every where.”

The “right” everywhere. Flattery is the art of communication that surely can get you everywhere.

People who believe in other things call those masters Ass Kissers. Unable to ask or get what they want.

Learn the art. Learn to enjoy perks of favouritism towards you. Be the oracle of good news and agreements at the right time.



How do one pay back kindness of anyone?

By thinking they are either

Weak, spineless, stupid, crazy or politicians.

May be I am so clueless that I, I am unable to

Realize what the relationships are all about.

Use one another, make them feel sorry for you,

Make them feel guilty and keep using them more.

Then, if they realize what you are doing to them,

Lay low for a while, then shamelessly use them again,

because you know they will forget what a pest you are.

Then if they resist, show remorse give them hell, and start looking for other

people and the moment you find the others to use, don’t even bother to

say goodbye.

Then after a longest time when you come across the people

you’ve abused, and they see you, you again shamelessly tell them

that they knew how you are who use people and once

they’ve become useless, they become useless.

You no longer care to even say hi to them.

I always wonder, what kind of upbringing these people had?

Did vultures raised them?

Employment = Evolution of Slavery via Economics

Employment = Evolution of Slavery

Fictional Dialogue between president and the senate in an economics practicing world

President to the Senate:

“These slaves have costed us too much financially,
we provided them with shelter, food, medical, and what not,
what did we get out of it? Just bad Rep…
Congress device a new method, so we never had to worry about anything such,”

Senate few days later
“…Brilliant, the plan is Brilliant.

Lets abolish this cursed word called slavery.

Lets make an economic sense out of this. We trade their foolishness of freedom.

We shall call it Employment.

We shall provide them with bare minimum wages.

No more food, no shelter, no medical support, nothing.
Let the bastards suffer.
In few hundred  years, we will make sure even the employment is classified in part-time, full-time, contractual and non-contractual basis.

Within these years we shall make sure if people don’t work they are homeless.
We shall crush them with such financial burdens of  epidemic calibre that they never ever uprise against the governments like they did today.

The only way human race will learn how live is worry about how to strive for survival.”

Bill passed by the senate approved by the president, slavery was abolished.








sparem e
my despsairs

Each day I want to
Know where I beling
Each day I feel casted out

I am the victim of my oen typos
of life nd living

When people do come
to understand me
to lifet me
I carlessly
keep writnig
on thir hearsts

Son enough
awesomeness pbecomes


Ctueness becmes annouance

I live with my typos uncorrecting

Expecting leaning burdeing
Till all ofyou leave

I know what I do
I dont correct inroder to have more do more
I ignore

there are no autocrrects in lfie.