Employment = Evolution of Slavery via Economics

Employment = Evolution of Slavery

Fictional Dialogue between president and the senate in an economics practicing world

President to the Senate:

“These slaves have costed us too much financially,
we provided them with shelter, food, medical, and what not,
what did we get out of it? Just bad Rep…
Congress device a new method, so we never had to worry about anything such,”

Senate few days later
“…Brilliant, the plan is Brilliant.

Lets abolish this cursed word called slavery.

Lets make an economic sense out of this. We trade their foolishness of freedom.

We shall call it Employment.

We shall provide them with bare minimum wages.

No more food, no shelter, no medical support, nothing.
Let the bastards suffer.
In few hundred  years, we will make sure even the employment is classified in part-time, full-time, contractual and non-contractual basis.

Within these years we shall make sure if people don’t work they are homeless.
We shall crush them with such financial burdens of  epidemic calibre that they never ever uprise against the governments like they did today.

The only way human race will learn how live is worry about how to strive for survival.”

Bill passed by the senate approved by the president, slavery was abolished.








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