How do one pay back kindness of anyone?

By thinking they are either

Weak, spineless, stupid, crazy or politicians.

May be I am so clueless that I, I am unable to

Realize what the relationships are all about.

Use one another, make them feel sorry for you,

Make them feel guilty and keep using them more.

Then, if they realize what you are doing to them,

Lay low for a while, then shamelessly use them again,

because you know they will forget what a pest you are.

Then if they resist, show remorse give them hell, and start looking for other

people and the moment you find the others to use, don’t even bother to

say goodbye.

Then after a longest time when you come across the people

you’ve abused, and they see you, you again shamelessly tell them

that they knew how you are who use people and once

they’ve become useless, they become useless.

You no longer care to even say hi to them.

I always wonder, what kind of upbringing these people had?

Did vultures raised them?


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