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My mind is blank

Blank as an ocean, empty

as a grave yard, silence

As the Wind that blows in hurricanes.

Now you know how it feels to be blank
Empty and Silence.

The rage such as this colossal abyss
in my heart and your hearts

incomplete, hollow existences
mongering fear and destroying 
me and yourselves within,

It can’t be self destruction
for you.

You believe in God.


My BOGGLING or is it Blogging?

My BOGGLING or is it Blogging?

Today, One year ago

I started this thing called BOGGLING. or is it Blogging…
Upon peoples request that I am an amazing writer…
I should express myself more often…
Little that I knew that

After few blogs I found out the reality
So I asked one of my friend/polite promoters
who suggested the Boggling…
If I am so good a writer,
How come I hardly get any comment,
Or a Like, Or even you coming and checking
My blog, unless I tell you that I wrote?

Then I explained to him what a good writer is…
How they captivate the readers in the worlds…
They create…showed him some blogs from other bloggers
Such as FugeFly and Shrinks aren’t Cheap and Kira and Sufiways and
Lalarukh and Victoria Dougherty and other very impressive creators…
or John Stervans who expresses reality as it is happening to you who reads it. Or any of the 60 people who follow me.
Thanks to everyone who inspire me and others to make me wonder
Why the hell do I even bother to write,
But then when I am really somewhere out in that zone
I write whatever and it’s so much better
The more I write the more I realize …
Myself…and my Boggling
Seriously what I do can’t be Blogging