FATE (Fuck All The Ego)

FATE (Fuck All The Ego)
She continuously spoke fast and in a loud tone,”Just a few days back, my ego got the best of me. I can’t be humble, because I brag too much. Egoistic, self indulged, self promoter people like me tend to this a lot. I should only speak for myself though. I am the abandoner. The only thing I have learnt and am consistent in is abandonment. I have rested myself peacelessly (I know there is no such word) and am accepting my FATE. I cannot differentiate between right or wrong. I believe everyone is right, I can’t judge, and my family tells me I am stupid.” I was listening to her and her created words like FATE and peacelessly. Our minds are so creative. Yet so limited have we used that we tend to only follow a system and feel comfortable in following them till our deaths. I lost track of her gibberish. She was still speaking. Thats the fun part of my job. People can keep talking and they would never find out if I am engrossed in listening to them or just not present there mentally.
But FATE did made sense to me. It makes us grow limitlessly. But we are all ego. 70% water and 100% Ego. We never realize that in the end it’s all end of our physical existence. 
Till then I believe in this FATE, I think you should too.


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