ATHIEST VS AGNOSTICS VS RELIGIONS that believe in some form of GOD(s)

ATHEIST VS AGNOSTICS VS RELIGIONS that believe in some form of GOD(s)

Funny to differentiate, when we are all believers, huh!

Atheism: BELIEF of denial and belief is self accountability

AGNOSTICS: BELIEF of confusion within but love and acceptance of everyone in trying not to be disrespectful to others belief.

Other Religions that believe in some for of GOD(s): BELIEF that “We are right you burn in Hell if you do not follow us and accept that we are the only right ones”

See any difference? I don’t. What I see is another egoistic maneuvering of I am right you are wrong in all cases. BELIEF is free from all this religious conformities and name callings.  






Belief is a Skill that is developed with practice and perseverance in time.
This is what I have understood by delving into most religions by Reading and Practicing them as well.
However, a skilled believer must understand that there is no way he can measure other person’s belief over his/her own.
That is not humility. That’s how belief works, period.
A Skill of no comparable mastery. Belief has no room for comparisons.
A Dalai Lama, a Saeen Baba, a Pope or an Aytollah or a Rabbi has no more or lesser belief than you or me. They may have more information but knowledge only comes with letting the belief in. Some takes forever some gets it immediately.