HI# 44: I Identify Me – I Implement Me – IMPLEMENTATION STARTS – JOURNEY

HI# 44: I Identify  Me –  I Implement Me – IMPLEMENTATION STARTS – JOURNEY

I implement everything with my Truest Intentions

HI# 44






Who are you?
Are you the person who other’s want you to  be?
Are you the one who does not know himself to be?
The scary heart beat and feeling of being away from oneself
The imposer on others
Is the only way you know how to live
You are him and them but are you you?
Identify and you shall be free
To implement your I and your me
To discard my you and my yours
‘Cos you know there isn’t anyone for you
When you are not your own.
So Practice from today and forever
Say out loud as many times possible

‘I Identify Me
I Implement Me
That is what my biggest
Obligation is to myself”

Whatever that I have let myself  and others get away with
Today I start to hold on to my own learnings
Because I know Now I wont let it get away
I change and I manage

Basics of Life

Basics of Life

Life’s Basics

  • Breathe
  • Eat
  • Drink
  • Cover ourselves/ Clothes for protection
  • Shelter for safety from weather
  • Sleep
  • Procreate, multiply, and populate

Since day one how have we evolved in achieving these fundamentals of life?
Look around you, look inside you, look into others…In todays world we describe all the above in few words and what everything is focussed on…

Economics and money
science and money
sociology and money
industrialism and money
love and money
religion and money
justice system and money
fashion and money,
land/home possessions and money,
etc…etc…etc…and money

This is not a debate but just an humble insight of what we are trying to survive for that todays human is incapacitated to even focus on the basics of life.
Our basics have been mortgaged out and todays and tomorrows child will never realize as they are simply born into this totally controlled mortgaged environment.

Acknowledgement (All pictures are properties of different sources found on google images.)

Two Days

Two days can make a difference
One day when you think you will die without her
The second you know you don’t exist
Two days without her reference
Breathing living inhaling her
Just two days and I know
I can’t survive
That’s all
All it took
I am down on my knees
I am no more
Read the erased lines
That leaves the dents
On the paper.
That’s me
Gone in two…

I begged

I begged today
to be loved
and held in the arms
of whom I found
serenity once. Now
Cold, dead heartless
place to be with
fear and resentment in eyes
One question lingering quietly
“What did I do to deserve this?”

I begged again for the love
that I drank from you
But the sea was a hollow barren ground
with pointy corals to walk on

Silently obeying every command
effortlessly releasing me from your life
I accept my addiction of love
will only lead me to one place
I deserve my punishment
I am ready for the knife that 
I gave  in your hands

I begged for your love today
Put it on my jugular
Begin my peace