I implement everything with my Truest Intentionsi

HI# 46:





This is not just for my journey,
As nothing I write here is new
Nothing that you have read here or will read here is new
But lacking implementation.
So what made me different from yesterday?
My ow consistency and documenting it
Task by task, whether I finished the task or not
I document it on a weekly chart
To see how I have done things
What I have accomplished
Where have I diluted my time
A database of my own daily to-do things
Not before hand that this is what I am going to do
But actual things that I have done in a day
Could you not know yourself better in a picture
This is how you are defined as an adult
A polished person
Willing to know oneself
By being easy and merciful to oneself
No matter what your beliefs are
Just implement your dailies by documenting it
Keeping a record
Your own life when apparent in front of you will
Make your dopamine kick in…
Your own serotonin  will equate the necessity
Of the amounts you need for both.
If you listen tot he music document it
If you play it document it.
If you sat on a chair and did nothing
Record it…
Your inner light bulb will be lit when
You will see your own design…
Your own business in life will
Automatically become purposeful
This is how you will truly feel Motivation
Your Focus and your own worthiness.


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