What is GOOD?

What Does It Take To Be GOOD?

Good is the fertilizer of Evil.
Evil is the Motivator of Good.

When you keep up the good work you are feeding the monster.
The more evil you do the more good people want to see.

But motivation is not the action of good and this is why good stays dormant in most eras for decades and decades to come and pass and then pass again.

Good is the fertilizer, Miracle Grow(If I may use this word) of Evil. Evil cannot exist without fuel of the good.

Good is the most aggressive and most intimidating to all the vices single handedly.

So what is good good for?

Look around you how many people are good.

Good is local and carries geographical definitions among majority as well.
A person who can see amongst blinds is no good.
A dishonest among thieves is a no good he has no honour.
A bunch of fast speeding car on a highway that are slowed down by a law abiding
traffic laws abiding person is a nuisance on the road.

Good is the fuel of Evil. So the easiest way people end to realize good is by blindly following the majority. Whatever majority is doing that must be good and right.
But before it is good it must be judged as right.

Majority and masses dictates the good.

Good is what majority thinks and start doing so often that their minds, eyes, and all the senses accepts as normal .

So why do people follow the definition of majority Good?
To be safe, to stay invisible, to not be in trouble.

In a society driven by every sort of media, good is adaptability of trends.

No morals or immoral arguments. This is not just true today. It has always been this.

There is no thought provoking ideas here. Its just what no body wants to talk about. Its not trendy. It is a Rant.


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